Re: [evb] RE: [PATCH][RFC] net/bridge: add basic VEPA support

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Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> Or Gerlitz <ogerlitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Looking in macvlan_set_multicast_list() it acts in a similar manner to macvlan_set_mac_address() in the sense that it calls dev_mc_sync(). I assume what's left is to add macvlan_hash_xxx multicast logic to map/unmap multicast groups to what macvlan devices want to receive them and this way the flooding can be removed, correct?
> The device can just flood all multicast packets, since the filtering is done on the receive path anyway.
for each multicast packet, macvlan_broadcast is invoked and calls 
skb_clone/ netif_rx for each device, now a smart scheme that takes into 
account (hash) the multicast list of the different macvlan  devices 
would save the skb_clone call, isn't it?


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