Re: debugging multi threaded applicatiosn on arm - status?

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Sam Ravnborg <sam <at>> writes:
> >> Is it possible to bebug multi-threaded applications using gdb on ARM these 
> >>
> >
> > It works for me, using various ARM 926 and Cortex A8 chips and kernel  
> > versions from 2.6.27 to the present day. Which version of gbd do you  
> > have? gdb version 7.x works much better than 6.x in my experience.
> We are using 6.8 - which may be the culprint.
> Does it work with NPTL too?


why don't you describe what's not working?

I guess you have a stripped libpthread and gdb isn't able to fetch
the thread infos via

On ARM you must not strip libpthread too much - see   question 6


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