Re: [PATCH 0/4] Speed up the symbols' resolution process V4

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Dear Mr. Frysinger,

Thank you for excellent explanation!

2011/5/11 Mike Frysinger <vapier.adi@xxxxxxxxx>:
> if you export _foo/foo, you'll get an error with the current code:
> /* EXPORT_SYMBOL(foo); */
>    Â.section    Â___ksymtab__foo,"a",@progbits
> ___ksymtab_foo:
> /* EXPORT_SYMBOL(_foo); */
>    Â.section    Â___ksymtab___foo,"a",@progbits
> ___ksymtab__foo:

So I can suggest two possible solutions for section names:

1) As you suggested change "__" to "+" so
i.e. ___ksymtab+foo

2) Pick a more appropriate name:
i.e. ___ksym__foo
i.e. ___ksymsec__foo

In fact these section names aren't a table of symbols (in ksymtab the
"tab" part stand for table, I suppose) so I think that name should be
changed accordingly (my patchset create a temporary section for every

Which do you prefer?

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