Re: Super Fast Boot of Embedded Linux: 300 ms from boot loader to shell

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Marco Stornelli a écrit :
> Il 13/04/2011 16:53, Constantine Shulyupin ha scritto:
>> Thank you Marco for your feedback. I've added summary of used
>> optimization method:
>> • Reduction of kernel and filesystem size
>> • Kernel features: naked boot, initrd without compression
>> • Optimization of NAND flash interface in boot loader
>> • Boot time was measured with utility tstamp
>> • You can find more detailed list of methods at
>> • Techniques for improving embedded Linux startup time, presentation:
>> Actually, detailed implementations of optimization methods are
>> described in numerous documents.
> I really know. I was talking about *your* optimization method, but if I 
> well understand you've just applied a list of well known methods.

Not to say such case are not interesting : loading a linux kernel with only a
serial driver, a ramdisk and a shell as init doesn't reflect reality.

In real product what you want if fast user interaction (sound, mounting big
filesystem with user data, lcd display, ...)

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