Re: Recieving DVB-C with DVB-T units

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2009/8/5 BOUWSMA Barry <freebeer.bouwsma@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Tue, 4 Aug 2009, Christian Wattengård wrote:
>> But after doing some research on Wikipedia and such, I can't figure
>> out why a DVB-T unit can't be easily modified to recieve DVB-C?
>> They use the same frequencies, the DVB-T specs support QAM (atleast low QAM).
>> My specific cable network uses 64QAM which the specs apparently
>> supports... So where is the underlying problem?
> Basically -- and I could well be wrong, DVB-T uses COFDM carrier
> modulation, which DVB-C does not -- the DVB-T signal is composed
> of several thousand carriers, while the DVB-C signal is a single
> carrier modulated directly.  Thus, differently-able hardware is
> needed facing the antenna.

Ok. Too bad. Then why are DVB-T units, that needs more technology,
half the price of DVB-C units... Annoys me... :)

> Oh, shouldn't your gmail address be `cwattengaard' instead?  ;-)
> I ask having conditioned myself to type `Aarhus' and `Aalen' and
> `Aargau', speaking them all the same, confusing the heck out of
> the swiss...

I made a desicion a long time ago that when using my last-name for
emails and such, I would just use a single 'a' instead of the
"correct" internationalization which is 'aa'. Makes it easier to give
people my email address when I dont have to say "wattengaaaaaaaard"
just to emphasize the double 'a'.

The 'å' / 'aa' sound is pronounced like the first sound in the english
word "all".


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