Re: Recieving DVB-C with DVB-T units

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On Tue, 4 Aug 2009, Christian Wattengård wrote:
> But after doing some research on Wikipedia and such, I can't figure> out why a DVB-T unit can't be easily modified to recieve DVB-C?> They use the same frequencies, the DVB-T specs support QAM (atleast low QAM).> My specific cable network uses 64QAM which the specs apparently> supports... So where is the underlying problem?
Basically -- and I could well be wrong, DVB-T uses COFDM carriermodulation, which DVB-C does not -- the DVB-T signal is composedof several thousand carriers, while the DVB-C signal is a singlecarrier modulated directly.  Thus, differently-able hardware isneeded facing the antenna.

> Oh... And hi, I'm Christian, I'm from Norway, and this is my first> post to the list :)
Welcome.  You probably got a sinister notice that this list isnot to be posted to.  But as the signature states, it's thedvb-users list, while the list to which replies have beenhijacked is a developer list where your question would likelygo unanswered in the noise.
Oh, shouldn't your gmail address be `cwattengaard' instead?  ;-)I ask having conditioned myself to type `Aarhus' and `Aalen' and`Aargau', speaking them all the same, confusing the heck out ofthe swiss...

barry bouwsma
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