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On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Paul Guzowski<guzowskip@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Alex,
> Not sure if it will meet your needs, but I am using a Pinnacle HDTV Pro USB
> stick to watch television signals supplied by my cable company's set top
> box.  To do so, I'm using MPlayer running on Ubuntu Jaunty.  Pinnacle's PCTV
> business was sold to Hauppage but the stick (or  the Hauppage equivalent) is
> still available and quite inexpensive (less than $50?).  If this might work
> for you, I can pass you more details via separate correspondence.

That's ATSC/QAM64/QAM256(likely). Digital Cable in US.
DVB-C is slightly different than that. Sundtek MediaTV Pro is fully
supported in the DVB-C USB area.

Best Regards,

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