Re: Kworld DVB-T 323UR problems

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Hi Markus,
Sorry, it seems that sometimes my usb is not recognized as 2.0, I wonder why this happens.
Anyway, I'll send you in the afternoon a correct dmesg output, but the results are the same: same problems with analog routing and no remote.
After I installed your tvtime version (had to install the deb version as the sources are not available on your site (internal server error)), there were some problems with libswscale (the link had other name than tvtime was looking for), I renamed the link and that's how I ended up with the error message I already wrote:
Access type not available

Any idea how to get rid of this or any feasible solution for the analog audio?

Thanks, Laszlo
please pay attention to that line... it probably will not work with usb 1.0.


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