Re: SkyStar HD2 issues, signal sensitivity, etc.

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Manu Abraham wrote:
> The s2-liplianin tree doesn't use an updated tree for the mantis
> based devices unfortunately. It is stuck with older changesets of
> the mantis tree.
> The s2-liplianin tree contains (ed) ? some clock related changes
> which were not favourable for the STB0899 demodulator, which is
> capable of causing potential hardware damage.
Is this still valid that s2-liplianin tree is out of date and if so, 
does anyone have a patch to update it?
It's does not sound so good when we start talking about hardware damage.

I have a problem with the recent s2-liplianin that the driver stops 
working and both scanning and tuning fails and a reboot does not help
and I have to poweroff my computer and restart it for it to work again.
Has anyone had the same issue? It's running on a Gigabyte GA M56S S3 
motherboard if that's any help.

Claes Lindblom

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