udev creates '/dev/video0' and '/dev/v4l/' instead of '/dev/dvb/' when I plug in my DVB-T USB stick

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Dear TV-under-Linux-watchers,

I want to present my problem without detours:

I own a pinnacle USB DVB-T stick '70e'. It runs very well under Ubuntu 
8.04. I used this driver-list: 
'|' and ||'modprobe em28xx'. 
No need of firmware.
Now I try to install the driver on a fresh Debian 5.0 system. The driver 
file I have made good exerience with does not work (errors while doing 
'make'). So I tried out '' 
<>. No problems during installation. Typing 
|'modprobe em28xx'|, no error message. When I now plug in the device, 
there is no '/dev/dvb/' directory like usual but I can find new files in 
'/dev/v4l/' and a '/dev/video0' file. This seems to me v4l handles the 
stick like a webcam or something but not an USB DVB-T stick!? That is 
why the usual dvb-apps testing tools or kaffein do not work.
'|lsmod|' and '|dmesg|' shows me a lot of |'modprobe em28xx'-percepiency|!?

Can anyone tell me how I can use my TV stick?

Best regards,

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