Re: Infos regarding TERRATEC Cinergy HT PCMCIA

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Mathieu Taillefumier schrieb:
> Hello,
>> absolutely right, works fine, thank you.
>> I am sorry I haven't found the time till now to give short message of
>> the status till now (as I use to give when having asked on a list)
> it is alright
>> DVB-T everything OK (Ubuntu 8.x and Debian testing), analogue works by
>> using this PCI-DMA "trick" you mentionend (sox with alsa and a 22050
>> audio-rate gave best results) One thing to mention: a few channels come
>> only mute.
>> <>  (BR and superRTL, are the ones
>> as far as I remember).
>> It could be, that using a oss=0 option with saa7134 allows, when
>> switching to another, "working" channel, then "v4lctl volume mute off"
>> and switching back, can get you around - I had to few time to test
>> it/was not important enough; this problem seems to be a known issue, I
>> had later found some hits on this.
> I am not sure to understand. Do you mean that you have two channels with 
> the video but without the sound despite the fact that the sound is not 
> mute or is it something else. Personally, I never had this problem but I 
> am not using my tvcard very often so...

Hello Mathieu,

it is: some channels only have the picture (good quality), but no sound.*

Trying "v4lctl volume mute off" "v4lctl volume mute on" "v4lctl volume 
mute off" (= toggling around) doesn't change, but

change channel to working channel and "toggling" around with the v4lctl 
volume mute off[/on] does sometimes help.
I am sorry I have so much info for "reproduction".
This phenomenon is true for kdetv as well as for tvtime.

kind regards,


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* (I guessed it was like:
"In order to solve sound problems (some channels had no sound, or hashed 

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