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I have put the LO frequency in the low range of Universal Ku band LNBs to 0 and when i try to tune my card in DVB-S2 I don't have the error message anymore...
Yet, I have an other problem... 
If I try to tune my card to catch my DVB-S2 signal with the parameter DVB-S2 démodulation on szap-s2 (that seems normal...), szap-s2 don't see and don't lock anything.
But, if I try to tune my card to catch the same DVB-S2 signal with the parameter DVB-S demodulation on szap-s2, it lock the signal well ... of course, it doesn't succeed to demodulated.
That why I guess my problem is linked to the frontend, but I don't know how to check and correct...
If someone have an idea?
For more information, in one hand, I have an Dektec Dta-107S2 modulator card, and on the other hand I have an Hauppauge HVR-4000.
The application szap-s2 I try to use is :

2009/5/7 BOUWSMA Barry <freebeer.bouwsma@xxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, 6 May 2009, armel frey wrote:

> I have a Hauppauge HVR-4000 and i would like to receive DVB-S2 !
> The card works well in DVB-S and seems to work with szap-s2, but my problem
> is that i have to receive DVB-S2 in Band L (950...2150MHz) and szap2 don't
> tune this low fréquency.

When I see the range of 950-2150MHz, I think of the intermediate
frequency delivered from mixing the local oscillator with the
received signal, which is passed from the LNB output through
the attached cable.

In reality, this is what is tuned, although most commonly one
makes use of the frequencies of the Ku band, which the tuning
utility then converts to the IF frequency:
tuning DVB-S to Freq: 2062000, Pol:H Srate=22000000, 22kHz tone=off, LNB: 1
Event:  Frequency: 12662350

The same should be true for an LNB/dish to receive C-Band
signals, for example, something I've not had any personal
experience, so I don't know how well it would be supported
by the different utilities.

Do you have an example of a particular DVB-S2 service which
you want to receive?

My guess would be that if you need to tune a particular
frequency in that range, say, 2062MHz in the above example,
you can achieve this by adding 9750 MHz -- the LO frequency
in the low range of Universal Ku band LNBs, and then
attempting to tune that frequency, whether that comes as the
IF from a Ku, or C or Ka band LNB of whatever type -- Universal
or otherwise.

Though I should hope that some utility will directly support
specifying a frequency within the above bands directly, if
that's what you're trying to do, or a non-universal-LNB LO

barry bouwsma

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