Re: EC168 and MT2060

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t.Hgch wrote:
>> Partially received? If there is really MT2060 tuner then channels should 
>>   not be received at all.
> I checked again and i am getting a couple of dtv channels and some more
> radio channels, and they display/sound pretty well.

Then the tuner must be MXL5003S because it is only tuner ec168 Linux 
driver supports currently.

> I'm sure that the card model is the one I previously mentioned, the
> output from lsusb is:
> Bus 001 Device 002: ID 18b4:1001  
>> I can look usb-sniffs if you will take.
> I didn't find  usbsnoop for linux, so I used usbmon. Here is a sample:

Linux usb-sniff is useless. But no need for Windows sniffs because your 
device is not mt2060 one. If someone have ec168 with mt2060 tuner then 
Windows sniffs are welcome.


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