Re: Fwd: HVR2250 Status - Where am I?

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>> I don't have anything that sophisticated to be honest. If that bothers you then
>> I understand and respect your decision not to support the project.

>> I can't publish any source code until the driver is largely complete, that's not
>> my call, that's the arrangement with NXP.

Sorry, maybe I phrased my request as a solution which is not what I intended. I was unaware of your agreements with NXP. I see you added how much money has been donated to your post. That's more than enough of a status indicator for me. 

Possibly could you roughly estimate how much more work is required and present it in the same manner?

I want to you know that I do support this project and have just contributed - both as a thank you for your prior work and willingness to help the community in addition to the HVR-2250 support.

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