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(I've already sended this post, but not by using the registrated e-mailadress. Due to the reason that I don't know, if it will be blocked I will send it from the registrated email-adress)


I've run crazy installing the mentioned DVB-Card... so if you read something weird, just read over it.    ;)

I tried the how-to mentioned here: (for my SUSE 11.1)

By using the patch I get errors during make. If I get the latest driver by using "hg clone" instead of "hg clone -r 9263" make ends without any errors.
But after insmod the card won't be recognized by Yast. Up to now I haven't used make install because I was warned, that  the complexity of the driver could break my kernel.

Any tips? What could i do, for get the card to its duty (= working  ;)   ) in Yast?  


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