Looking for external DVB-C device..

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Hello everyone,

I've been browsing the wiki and the rest of the web for some time,
looking for a device which has the following features:

- DVB-C support in Germany
- Linux support (of course)
- external device via USB 2.0
- ability to record raw MPEG stream
- CI module

AFAICT, the only thing which comes close is the Anysee E30C Plus,
although the CI isn't (yet) supported. Is there any other option?

And by the way, I'm curious how the communication with the CI actually
works in Linux. Is that handled inside the driver, or does the end user
application have to do anything about it? IIRC, once the communication
has been set up, the decryption is done by the CAM - is that correct?

Many thanks, Yours, Florian

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