[PATCH] Add Elgato EyeTV Diversity to dibcom driver

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This patch introduces support for DVB-T for the following dibcom based card:
	Elgato EyeTV Diversity (USB-ID: 0fd9:0011)

Support for the Elgato silver IR remote is added too (set parameter dvb_usb_dib0700_ir_proto=0)

Signed-off-by: Michael Müller <mueller_michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Hi Patrick,

several months ago I sent you a patch for the Elgato USB stick. At this time I was not happy with the problem of the repeated remote keys. Since this was fixed by Devin here it is again. The patch is against v4l-dvb from 7th Feb. 2009. So compared to the last time I only adjusted the index in the USB id table.

As written in the patch text you need to set parameter dvb_usb_dib0700_ir_proto=0 (default=1). Is there a way to overwrite the default for a specific device as mine? Or does this make no sense since the needed protocol is not driven by the USB stick IR receiver but the remote control?

BTW: In the meantime I needed to change my email adress.


first I want tell you that after your changes the repeated IR keys are gone. Thanks.

In December you wrote that you 'should work on getting the dib0700 driver integrated with ir_keymaps.c so that the it is consistent with other drivers.' Did you already started to work on this? Should I change my patch to use the ir_keymaps.c way? Which driver is a good example how to use it?


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