Re: How to use scan-s2?

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On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 10:20 PM, Darron Broad <darron@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
In message <c74595dc0901261130k6bdb6882lfb18c650cbca4abf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Alex
Betis wrote:
>On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 7:32 PM, Darron Broad <darron@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In message <c74595dc0901260753x8b9185fu33f2a96ffbe13016@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> Alex Betis wrote:
>> lo
>> <snip>
>> >
>> >The bug is in S2API that doesn't return ANY error message at all :)
>> >So the tuner is left locked on previous channel.
>> >
>> >There are many things that can be done in driver to improve the situation,
>> >but I'll leave it to someone who has card with cx24116 chips.
>> When tuning the event status should change to 0 and if
>> it stays that way the tuning operation failed.
>> If you read the frontend status directly then you will
>> retrieve the state of the previous tuning operation
>> that suceeded.
>What do you call an event status and what direct status?
>scan-s2 uses FE_READ_STATUS that always success and indicates channel lock,
>even if cx24116 driver returned an error due to AUTO parameters.

refer to



Ohh, ok. So there is a solution for that after all. Thanks!
Unfortunately no one gave me a clear answer on that when I asked about it last time.
Seems to work for stb0899, waiting for confirmation on cx24116.

Darron, looks you're the right person to ask:
How can I retrieve the REAL tuned parameters from the driver?
Looks like using FE_GET_PROPERTY returns cached properties that were issued with FE_SET_PROPERTY before that.




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