Re: [PATCH 1/3] drivers/misc: Add realtek card reader core driver

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Hi Aaron:

Thank you. I will modify our host per your suggestion.


于 2012年07月25日 18:16, Aaron Lu 写道:
Hi Wei,

We do not use MMC_CAP_MAX_CURRENT_* anymore, for your host, I would
sugget you do something like this:

static void realtek_init(struct realtek_sdmmc *host)
	struct mmc_host *mmc = host->mmc;
	... ...
	 * since you have set MMC_CAP_MAX_CURRENT_800 in your
	 * original code, I assume your host can provide more than
	 * 800mA, and you've set the 1.8v support bit in your original
	 * code for the host, so I also set the max_current_180 to 800mA.
	mmc->max_current_330 = 800;
	mmc->max_current_180 = 800;
	... ...

Does this look right to you?


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