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Hi wwang, Oleksij!

Find my notes inline:

Am Montag, Mai 14, 2012, 04:50:04 AM schrieb wwang:
> Hi Oleksij:
> We will modify the TODO file to manifest our next steps on Realtek card
> reader drivers.  And as to your feature request, we will add it in our
> new driver stack.
> Many Thanks!
> wwang
> >> 3. the current driver has polling function, it produce 1% CPU load. Even
> >> if no card is present. Are there any plans to avoid it in new stack? Or
> >> at least increase polling interval to 100 or more instead of currently
> >> used 50?
> >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >> We also notice CPU loading issue recently. Increasing polling interval
> >> is the way to solve it. But only increasing it will cause other problem,
> >> such as slow card detection.  We will give our solution in the next
> >> release.

This is an important issue power-wise. Just increasing the polling interval is 
no optimal solution as we're not solving the biggest issue imho - which is 
polling. Polling keeps the system out of the deepest possible energy saving 
states regularly - can't the device fire up an irq or can't this
be solved without polling at all ?
This goes on once the (device) runtime-PM is used in more and more drivers.
It will cause more issues in the long run ...
Ideas/Comments ?

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