Re: [PATCH] [Trivial] staging: go7007: Framesizes features

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On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 05:04:03PM +0400, my84@xxxxx wrote:
> Correct framesizes
> Signed-off-by Volokh Konstantin <my84@xxxxx>

Looks good.  But could you write a proper changelog?  What is the
effect for the user?  How did you find these numbers?  Have you
tested the changes?  It should mention something about that this
affects boards with GO7007_SENSOR_TV.

Btw, how many boards are their that have a GO7007_SENSOR_TV but
don't have a GO7007_BOARD_HAS_TUNER?  Should the comment be updated?

The changelog says it "Correct framesizes" but it doesn't actually
correct anything, it just adds new features that weren't supported

Don't put [Trivial] in the subject line.  Trivial patches are things
like spelling mistakes in comments.

dan carpenter

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