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On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 07:19:22PM -0800, Pradheep wrote:
> -#define PMEM_IS_FREE(id, index) !(pmem[id].bitmap[index].allocated)
> -#define PMEM_ORDER(id, index) pmem[id].bitmap[index].order
> +#define PMEM_IS_FREE(id, index) (!(pmem[id].bitmap[index].allocated))
> +#define PMEM_ORDER(id, index) (pmem[id].bitmap[index].order)

We don't need parenthesis here.

Btw, these patches weren't done against linux-next so some of them
don't apply.  We're still in the merge window so you might want to
wait until 3.3-rc1 is out and then redo them against linux-next.

dan carpenter

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