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No, you've combined Stefan's patches in with your patch.  What you
want to do is apply Stefan's patches first.  And commit them.  Then
write your patch on top of that.

Then when you send your patch, put a note under the --- dashes where
git am will know to remove it saying:
This patch assumes Stefan's patches were already merged:
[PATCH 1/3] rtl8192e: remove stale defines from ccflags-y
[PATCH 2/3] rtl8192e: use HAVE_NET_DEVICE_OPS unconditionally
[PATCH 3/3] rtl8192e: drop alternate code paths for CONFIG_PM_RTL

We don't want to see any unneeded code changes like this in a patch
which is just moving things around:

> -			(rtllib_EnableIntelPromiscuousMode(dev, false)) :
> -			(rtllib_DisableIntelPromiscuousMode(dev, false));
> +			(rtllib_enable_intel_promisc_mode(dev, false)) :
> +			(rtllib_disable_intel_promisc_mode(dev, false));

dan carpenter

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