[PATCH v3 00/17] crypto user configuration api

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This patchset adds a netlink based user configuration API for the crypto
layer, similar to the configuration API of xfrm.

The patchset is based on the current cryptodev-2.6 tree.

A userspace tool that makes use of the configuration API is available at


With this it is possible to instantiate certain algorithms by doing

crconf add driver "cbc(aes-generic)" type 4


crconf add driver "cbc(aes-generic)" type 4 priority 100

To remove a (form templates build and unused) algorithm with all subsequent
algorithms do

crconf del driver "cbc(aes-generic)" type 4

It is possible to update the priority of an algorithm by doing

crconf update driver "cbc(aes-generic)" type 4 priority 200

this updates the priority of this algorithm and removes all algorithms
on top.

Finally it is possible to print the instantiated crypto algorithms
similar to /proc/crypto by doing

crconf show all

This prints the algorithm informations of all instantiated algorithms
as long as the information fits into a netlink message.

Changes from v1:

- Removed the priority update functions.
- Fix algorithm information printing when build as module.
- Update the crconf tool according to the kernel changes.

Changes from v2:

- Use one structure for creating and basic querying of algorithms.
- Send the algorithm flags to userspace, so the userspace can
  check for things like passed selftest, async algorithms etc.
- Update the crconf tool according to the kernel changes.
- Add the priority update functions back. We need to be able to update
  the priority of algorithms, as we can't delete core algorithms like
  aes-generic. When we update the priority of an algorithm, we remove
  all algorithms on top.

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