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On Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:19:54 +0200
"CEVAN Ondrej" <Ondrej.CEVAN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> according to the function call in drivers/crypto/talitos.c (Linux version
> 2.6.29) in function ipsec_esp():
> /*hmac data*/
> map_single_talitos_ptr(dev, &desc->ptr[1], sg_virt(areq->src) -
> sg_virt(areq->assoc), sg_virt(areq->assoc), 0, DMA_TO_DEVICE);
> if initialization vector (IV) should be included for HMAC computation, it
> must be in the memory after the associated data (ASSOC) and after ASSOC and
> IV the areq->src data must follow. Thus in memory it should look like: 
> +---------+------+-------------------------+
> |  ASSOC  |  IV  | DATA to encrypt/decrypt |
> +---------+------+-------------------------+
> Is my assumption right? Well my code is working but I want to ask you if it

yes, I recently posted a patch to change the above (assoc - src) pointer
math, to an (assoclen + ivsize) calculation.

> is really a requirement that is hopefully somewhere specified. Where could I
> find such information? My searching in Documentation dir and Google was
> without success.  

it's specified in the code :)

It's a requirement for IPSec ESP, of which a good guide can be found

> Also, how does it work when I do not want to use ASSOC but still the IV
> should be included in HMAC computation? Is it then intended that the pointer
> areq->assoc points on the IV? Or am I not in the right ballpark?

yes, I imagine the request would come in with its 'assoc' pointer equal
to its 'giv'.

For an authenc request for IPsec ESP, req->assoc points to the ESP
header (SPI+seq.num), req->giv points after the ESP header to the IV,
and req->src points to the data to be ciphered (which directly follows
the IV).

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