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* Herbert Xu | 2009-07-15 08:48:47 [+0800]:

>Yes, that should be enough.  You don't even ipsec-tools, just
>a manual SA setup with ip xfrm should be good enough.

I did not get that far:

|alg: hash: Chunking test 1 failed for sha1-padlock
|00000000: e9 95 22 0c 1b d1 0f 5f f1 fa ee 74 7d 27 cd b2
|00000010: 99 f2 ad 73
|alg: hash: Chunking test 1 failed for sha256-padlock
|00000000: 9e 49 25 fa b3 a8 45 de 53 e9 9f d0 e8 7d 2c 33
|00000010: 09 51 6b 33 15 cb e0 4e 22 c0 04 1b 1e 25 ad c9
|padlock: Using VIA PadLock ACE for SHA1/SHA256 algorithms.

Do you think that it is something obvious or should I dig into it?


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