Re: [PATCH] meminfo: show /proc/meminfo base on container's memcg

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(2012/05/31 6:38), David Rientjes wrote:
On Tue, 29 May 2012, Gao feng wrote:

cgroup and namespaces are used for creating containers but some of
information is not isolated/virtualized. This patch is for isolating /proc/meminfo
information per container, which uses memory cgroup. By this, top,free
and other tools under container can work as expected(show container's
usage) without changes.

This patch is a trial to show memcg's info in /proc/meminfo if 'current'
is under a memcg other than root.

we show /proc/meminfo base on container's memory cgroup.
because there are lots of info can't be provide by memcg, and
the cmds such as top, free just use some entries of /proc/meminfo,
we replace those entries by memory cgroup.

if container has no memcg, we will show host's /proc/meminfo
as before.

there is no idea how to deal with Buffers,I just set it zero,
It's strange if Buffers bigger than MemTotal.

Signed-off-by: Gao feng<gaofeng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Nack, this type of thing was initially tried with cpusets when a thread
was bound to a subset of nodes, i.e. only show the total amount of memory
spanned by those nodes.

Hmm. How about having memory.meminfo under memory cgroup directory and
use it with bind mount ? (container tools will be able to help it.)
Then, container applications(top,free,etc..) can read the values they wants.
If admins don't want it, they'll not use bind mount.


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