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sudo selectively execute file, * wildcard on dir set with "(ALL) NOPASSWD:".

Hi All,

I'm experiencing a problem with sudo.

sudo selectively execute file in a directory, * wildcard on dir set with "(ALL)

I created a script called "script1.sh" in a directory.   When I execute this
script with sudo, it ask me for password which not suppose to happen.  I break
out with ctrl+c.

I then copy script1.sh to a new file in the same directory as "script2.sh".
Now I execute "script1.sh" again with sudo, now it will execute.

There is no change on script1.sh, All I done is created a new file in the
directory.  But now sudo do not ask me password any more.

At this point I can execute both scripts with sudo with no password.  Which is

Now I delete "script2.sh".  Now the directory has only 1 file again
"script1.sh".  I execute script1.sh now it will ask me for password again.

All executable file should be executable regardless, I don't know why this is
happening.  Number of files in directory affects sudo?

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ rpm -qa | grep sudo

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
Here is the command sequence from the terminal:
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ pwd
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ sudo -l | grep dsh
    (ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/site/mailscripts/spf/bin/*,
/usr/local/site/mailscripts/ws/bin/*, /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/*,
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ ls -l
total 0
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ echo "echo test123"> script1.sh ; chmod +x
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ ls -l
total 4
-rwx------ 1 mdrop mdrop 13 Dec 30 07:04 script1.sh
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script1.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ cp script1.sh script2.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ ls -l
total 8
-rwx------ 1 mdrop mdrop 13 Dec 30 07:04 script1.sh
-rwx------ 1 mdrop mdrop 13 Dec 30 07:04 script2.sh
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script1.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script2.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ rm script2.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ ls -l
total 4
-rwx------ 1 mdrop mdrop 13 Dec 30 07:04 script1.sh
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script1.sh 
[mdrop@c-in3sf--02-04 bin]$ 

Actual results:
$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script1.sh 

Expected results:
$ sudo /usr/local/site/operations/dsh/bin/script1.sh 

What could have caused this?

Any help is highly appreciated.


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