Re: Cachefilesd with multiple cache directories?

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Darren Austin <darren-lists@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is there a way to make cachefilesd use two separate cache directories?  I
> noted in the documentation that the "dir" option can only be used once in
> the configuration file.
> Would I have to run two instances of the cachefiles daemon in order to use
> both cache directories?

You would have to have two config files and two daemons (one per cache).  Each
cache needs to be managed separately.

> Or would I be better off using RAID/LVM to make these into a single volume
> which can then be mounted and used by Cache-FS?

The answer is, of course, it depends.  Culling would be more efficient over
smaller filesystems, but having two smaller caches limits what can be put in
each cache.  Also, separate caches on separate disks are less likely to suffer
from a disk malfunction than if you have one cache on the disks that are
"added" together.

Also, you may run into problems if the inode table is of a fixed size and you
hit the limit.


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