Re: Does fs-cache work in conjunction with NFS4 + Kerberos?

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Hi again,

Am Freitag 10 September 2010, 10:39:03 schrieb David Howells:
> Hans Meine <meine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > More background: I am mounting a main directory from an OpenSolaris
> > fileserver which transparently(?) automounts a large number if (per-user)
> > ZFS partitions as subdirectories.
> What do you mean by automounts?  Are you using some sort of referral?

Sorry for not being 100% precise, I needed to check back with the 
administrators of the file server: There is no automounter involved at all.
At the server side, there is simply a hierarchy of ZFS partitions (because a 
per-user quota has to be mapped to per-partition quotas, so every user got a 
separate ZFS partition) mounted below the NFS-exported directory.

> Also, can you check to see if cachefilesd is still running?  You should
> have a message in the log if it has crashed from the cache going offline,
> but if you can check anyway.

Yes, the process keeps running fine.

> My guess is that only your 'automount point' volume is being cached, and
> directories (and referrals) aren't actually cached.

Yes, that was also my guess.  But why - is this a limitation we can work 
around, or does this need fixing in the kernel, or is it a fundamental 

Have a nice day,

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