What simple thing am I missing?

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I am trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of using and SSD as a cache for NFS.

I what to use FS-cache/cachefs combination, but I am running into a null pointer reference.

As a "fall-back" for an upcoming demo, I tried using FS-cache/cachefiles.  Everything to be working except it's not actually caching anything.  This is on a Fedorea Core 12 system using the standard cachefiled package.  The kernel and filesystem side is the latest stuff from the NFS group.

I am transferring a 6 Gig. File and have an 8 Gig. partition for use by cachefilesd (with a Ext3 file system mounted with "user_xattr").  I have SELinux disabled.  I am using a simulated network chocked back to 500Mbs/sec.  When I df to track how much of the cache is being used, it shows that hardly any of it was used.  Im not sure what to expect from "/proc/fs/cachefiles/histogram" but it shows very little:
===== ===== ========= ========= =========
   0  0.000        13         6         1
   7  0.007         1         1         0

I'm stumped.  I don't want to spend a lot of time on this because cachefs is my real focus.  But I would like to have a fallback for the demo if I can't get cachefs debugged in time.

Any help would be appreciated.  Is there anything I could provide that could help figure out what's wrong?

Thanks for any help,

-=# Paul Gilliam #=-

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