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I am just starting to work on cacheFS.

The 'flaw' David mentioned will not effect my use because it is related to the way hard disks work and I am using SSD's for backing store.

If anyone comes up with a fix or workaround to make cacheFS work better with hard disks for backing store, I would diffidently be interested, just to make sure it will continue to work fine with SSD's, if for no other reason.

Plus, in the sprit of open source software development, I would hope that we can work together and make cacheFD work for everyone.  There are many elements to this design that make it superior to the alternative (cachefiles).

Suresh, I hope you will join the fun.

-=# Paul #=-

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>Suresh Jayaraman <sjayaraman@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I find multiple references about the CacheFs filesystem (caching
>> backend) in Documentation/Caching of kernel source. However, I could not
>> locate the code inside the kernel tree.
>> What is the status of CacheFS? Has it not been accepeted? Why?
>> Where can I find the sources?
>Development on it is stalled because I hit a flaw in my design.  I can send
>you the code if you want.
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