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Romain DEGEZ <romain.degez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So you think this is related to ext4 ?

No.  I'm fairly certain I've worked out what the problem is now.

What happens is that a cached NFS file is seen to have become out of date, so
NFS relinquishes the object and immediately acquires a new object with the
same key.

Unfortunately, retirement of the old object is done asynchronously, so the
lookup/create to generate the new object may be done first.  However, the old
object and the new object must exist at the same point in the backing
filesystem (i.e. they must have the same pathname).

So the lookup for the new object sees that a backing file already exists,
checks to see whether it is valid and sees that it isn't.  It then deletes that
file and creates a new one on disk.

Then the retirement for the old file happens.  It tries to delete the dentry it
has, but Ext4 complains because the inode attached to that dentry no longer
matches the inode number associated with the filename in the parent directory.

The trace below shows this quite well.

[md5sum] ==> __fscache_relinquish_cookie(ffff88002d12fb58{NFS.fh,ffff88002ce62100},1)
[md5sum] ==> __fscache_acquire_cookie({NFS.server},{NFS.fh},ffff88002ce62100)
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ52,OBJECT_ACTIVE,24})
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_DYING]
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ53,OBJECT_INIT,0})
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_LOOKING_UP]
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ52,OBJECT_DYING,24})
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_RECYCLING]
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ53,OBJECT_LOOKING_UP,0})
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_walk_to_object(ffff88002d0dd3e8{ffff88003029d8b8},ffff8800304cd220,@68,)
[kslowd] lookup '@68'
[kslowd] next -> ffff88002ce41bd0 positive
[kslowd] advance
[kslowd] lookup 'Es0g00og0_Nd_XCYe3BOzvXrsBLMlN6aw16M1htaA'
[kslowd] next -> ffff8800369faac8 positive
[kslowd] validate 'Es0g00og0_Nd_XCYe3BOzvXrsBLMlN6aw16M1htaA'
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_bury_object(,'@68','Es0g00og0_Nd_XCYe3BOzvXrsBLMlN6aw16M1htaA')
[kslowd] remove ffff88002ce41bd0 from ffff8800369faac8
[kslowd] unlink stale object
[kslowd] <== cachefiles_bury_object() = 0
[kslowd] redo lookup
[kslowd] lookup 'Es0g00og0_Nd_XCYe3BOzvXrsBLMlN6aw16M1htaA'
[kslowd] next -> ffff88002cd94288 negative
[kslowd] create -> ffff88002cd94288{ffff88002cdaf238{ino=148247}}
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_mark_object_active(,ffff8800304cd220)
[kslowd] <== cachefiles_mark_object_active() = 0
[kslowd] === OBTAINED_OBJECT ===
[kslowd] <== cachefiles_walk_to_object() = 0 [148247]
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_AVAILABLE]
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ52,OBJECT_RECYCLING,20})
[kslowd] ==> fscache_release_object()
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_drop_object({OBJ52,2})
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_delete_object(,ffff8800304cd058{ffff8800369faac8})
[kslowd] ==> cachefiles_bury_object(,'@68','Es0g00og0_Nd_XCYe3BOzvXrsBLMlN6aw16M1htaA')
[kslowd] remove ffff88002ce41bd0 from ffff8800369faac8
[kslowd] unlink stale object
EXT4-fs warning (device sda6): ext4_unlink: Inode number mismatch in unlink (148247!=148193)
CacheFiles: I/O Error: Unlink failed
FS-Cache: Cache cachefiles stopped due to I/O error
[kslowd] <== cachefiles_bury_object() = -5
[kslowd] <== cachefiles_delete_object() = -5
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_DEAD]
[kslowd] ==> fscache_object_state_machine({OBJ53,OBJECT_AVAILABLE,0})
[kslowd] <== fscache_object_state_machine() [->OBJECT_ACTIVE]

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