Re: CENTOS kernel 2.6.18

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scott <scott@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have done quit good job on CENTOS 5.3 with kernel upgraded.

You really want something 2.6.32 based.  I whole slew of fixes to FS-Cache and
CacheFiles went in just before Linus cut 2.6.32.

> I recompiled kernel 2.6.18 with FSCACHE modules. But cachefiles daemon
> doesn't start.

cachefilesd-0.8 and below will work with the RHEL-5 FS-Cache.  You need
cachefilesd-0.9 for the CacheFiles that actually got upstream, and that one
isn't backwardly compatible.  There was a massive rewrite between the RHEL-5
FS-Cache and the upstream FS-Cache.

> NFS also doesn't start with option fsc.

What nfs-utils are you using?  Does dmesg show anything?


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