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David Howells wrote:

Does anyone know if there are any plans to make GFS work with FS-Cache?

Try asking on the GFS list.

Have done now. There doesn't seem to be any plan to add fs-cache capability to GFS. The main response was:

"If we were do to caching on local storage, then we'd need to make
significant changes to the glock subsystem (even if cachefs were used)
in order to ensure coherency. It would probably result in accesses from
remote nodes becoming so slow (due to the extended invalidation) that it
would only make sense on read-only mounts."

Would my local NFS "hack" work? Ie, GFS is mounted on my server over iSCSI,
then on my server I export it via NFS to localhost, to get the FS-Cache

Feasibly; as long as you can export a mounted GFS filesystem by NFS.

I've tried exporting it to localhost, and it seems to work fine, but it does slow access down a significant amount. I've not compiled a kernel with fs-cache support yet to test that though.

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