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David Howells wrote:
"Edward \"Koko\" Konetzko" <konetzed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Applied patch and performance is extremely slow 7 mins to copy about 140MB.
I have tried this against rc6 and rc7 and I see a lot of the following
messages in dmesg.  Any ideas?  Also the below output is everything after
the kernel boots normally, and reading from the cache is very fast.

The dumping to dmesg will kill performance.  Sorry about that.  I wanted to
get a patch to you before vanishing off to the US.

If you search through the patch, you'll find two lines with 'kdebug' on them.
If you turn the kdebug to _debug or just comment out the lines and retry.

I have changed kdebug to _debug and tested, issue seems to be gone. NFS now seems really slow to be though, going to test with rc8 and benchmark copy w/o cachefs and with the current patch you gave me. I will update results hopefully in a few days.


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