Re: ext4 and NTFS support?

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Daire.Byrne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Have you tested ext4 with cachefilesd - should it work? It doesn't for me
> using Fedora's 2.6.29 kernel and thr fscache-47 patches (Cachefiles: Lookup
> failed error -1).

Was anything printed in dmesg as to why?

Note that there's a #48 version of the patches, which I think involved
dropping the special write hook and calling the write file op instead.  At
least, I think that was #48 and not #47.

Your best bet is to try 2.6.30's latest rc.

> Do you think it would be possible to use NTFS-3G as the cache store? I tried
> mounting an NTFS partition using "streams_interface=xattr" but cachfilesd
> doesn't like that much.

I don't know.  It must support user xattrs and bmap.

> I was using the FUSE based version of NTFS so that may be related?

Does that provide bmap?

I can't look at this much at the moment.  I'm in the US for a week for a
conference, and so my ability to try stuff is somewhat limited.


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