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David Howells wrote:
Edward Konetzko <konetzed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I was going to say I have found away to reproduce.


Everything works as expected until I run
"find linux-2.6-nfs-fscache -exec touch {} \;"

Run where?  On the client with the cache?  Or on the server or some other

How about if you just touch one file and then reread that one file?  Does that
show the same symptoms?


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Sorry forgot to mention where I run the command. The command is run on the nfs server. I have not tried one file but if I start with an empty cache on 2.6.30-rc2 the cache just loads over and over again.

Are there debug logs I can gather up for you while I am doing my tests? I wont have time today but I could get to it later tonight.


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