Hi, Needs suggestions for finding and fixing stack/memory corruption when calling a function

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I need some suggestions about how-to approach, find and fix a memory
corruption issue which is happening in a C/C++ very complex and large
code (code evolved over several years). Code is running on AT91SAM9260
(armv5l architecture; single processor with preemption enabled) and
completely in Linux user-space.

The problem is:

-- We are calling a function which has three integer arguments.
With-in that function 2nd and 3rd arguments always gets corrupted
while 1st argument is fine. Just before calling that function printing
arguments is fine.

Now it will be good if I can get some suggestions about whats
happening and how-to look into this problem. I am thinking that there
is some memory/stack corruption happening somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

-- Fawad Lateef
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