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 On 4/10/2010 3:03 ÎÎ, Bogdan Cristea wrote:
On Monday 04 October 2010 14:54:46 you wrote:
I wish I could get 24 decimal digits precision with the current long
double (80-bit). I can't get more than 15 digits even in a simple division.
I think that the extended-precision can't give more than 19 decimal
digits of precision (log(10,2^64)=19.2). The quadruple precision can
give at most 34 decimal digits (log(10,2^113)=34).

Please consider the example below:
long double a = 1.0L/7.0L;

Can't get more than 15 digits precision....-:(
Is this a compiler problem or libc's problem? In x86_64 machines the
long double values supposed to give at least 106-bit precision even when
implemented in software. Is gcc compliant with the quadruple notation?
Have you tried to specify manually the number of digits after the decimal
point ?

	long double a = 1.0L/7.0L;

On a 64 bits machine the output is:


Of course I did. But the result you get is the wrong one after the first 20 decimal point digits. The right result is given below with a high precision arithmetic library or with Mathematica or Matlab. And the three results are the same, but not the given one above which is the same for my machine.

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