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Ardhan Madras wrote:

> It was mq_open(), sorry my bad ;p
> I did umask(0001) before creating the queue, it's works now. 'Program
> A' that requested O_RDWR flag to the queue can send and receive
> message as 'Program B' did. I also try to demonstrating this problem
> with another machine (Linux of course), as result i can O_RDWR'ed
> program A queue flag without have to call umask() first. Is this
> behavior can be set through system configuration?

A process' umask is inherited from its parent. For interactive
sessions, you can set it in your ~/.profile or similar. For daemons
started by init, you can set it in the rc script which starts the

> fchmod() also works here, sorry, but what do you mean with 'not
> portable'?, do you mean fchmod() intended to be used only for file, in
> other words "not every system support fchmod() with message queue
> descriptor" right?


Glynn Clements <glynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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