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Re: [PATCH] Btrfs: add "nocompress" mount option

On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 12:56:49PM +0300, Andrei Popa wrote:
> In btrfs if we mount with "compress" we have no way to disable
> compressing by remounting 
> (mount -o remount /mnt/btrfs), only by unmounting and mounting without
> "compress".
> This patch adds "nocompress" mount option which can be used to remount
> the filesystem without compression:
> # mount -o remount,nocompress /mnt/btrfs
> This option is usefull in cases when we have a filesystem mounted with
> "compress" and we want to disable compression but we don't want to
> umount and mount it.

Arnd Hannemann sent a patch for this

that takes a different approach: setting compression to '=no' disables
compression. I prefer this over adding an extra option to disable. This
way there's no confusion if the compression is on or off.

  mount -o compress,nocompress /dev /mnt

Is it on or off? Yeah we can document that nocompress has higher
priority. But then I can't turn a nocompress option back to compress via
remount. This is possible with Arnd's patch.

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