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Re: Interpreting Output of "btrfs fi show"

Hallo, Bart,

Du meintest am 26.04.12:

>>> As for the two filesystems shown in btrfs fi show... I have no clue
>>> what that is about. Did you maybe make a mistake to create a btrfs
>>> filesystem on the whole disk at first?

>> That is possible. But afterwards I certainly repartioned the device
>> and created a btrfs filesystem on /dev/sda1. Maybe this info is only
>> in the partition table? I understand that I should avoid mounting
>> /dev/sda in this situation.

> Well I think there is a btrfs superblock still present from the
> full-disk filesystem. Due to the offset of the first partition from
> the start of the disk, this superblock was not overwritten when you
> created the filesystem inside the partition.

Sounds familiar ...

I now use to delete about the first 10 MByte of the target disk via "dd  

Viele Gruesse!
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