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Re: kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/volumes.c:2733

Hello Ilya,

Ilya Dryomov wrote (ao):
> > > I'm definitely intrested in reproducing it. Could you please umount this
> > > filesystem, capture the output of 'btrfs-debug-tree -d <dev>' and post it
> > > somewhere ?
> > 
> > Will do. It is the / filesystem, so I'll need to reboot.
> I need this to confirm that balance item is on disk.

I'm sorry it took so long. I'll mail the output to you directly.

> > > After that mount it back and see if there is "btrfs: continuing
> > > balance" line in dmesg (and if btrfs-balance kthread shows up)?

There is no such line in dmesg, and currently no btrfs-balance kthread
is running. I've pulled Chris Masons for-linus and booted with the
resulting kernel.

> > > If so, just let it run, it should finish the balance and remove
> > > on-disk item. (You can query the status of running balance with 'btrfs
> > > balance status <mnt>')
> > 
> > Do I need newer tools for that? This is Debian Sid (unstable):
> Yeah, you do. That command is in master now, but it's not really
> needed. If btrfs-balance shows up, just wait for it to finish, it
> should get rid of the balance item. If it doesn't show up but the item
> is there we will have to dig deeper.

Ok :-)


Humilis IT Services and Solutions
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