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Re: Kernel Modules

Hallo, Felix,

Du meintest am 10.07.11:

> Did you ever say something positive about btrfs? :D All I read from
> in the last months is complaining about btrfs.

I use it, since many months.
But it's still an adventure, I won't use it for valuable data.

> I'm sorry but it seems that 90% for your comments are useless and
> they sound like you only want to say something bad about btrfs.

Do you really mean that this is a mailing list where everybody has to  
tell "it works!"?

The most mailing list where I'm subscribed mostly have threads starting  
with "Houston, we've got a problem".


By the way: I'm writing programs since more than 40 years, I know that  
nearly every program contains errors which the programmer didn't wish or  
expect. The programmer needs the reactions of the users.

Viele Gruesse!
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