Re: blktrace on my block device

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On 07/07/2011 05:41 PM, Gangadhar Mylapuram wrote:
> Hi,
> As for my understanding I no need to handle (BLKRESTART, BLKTRACESTOP,
> BLKTRACESETUP ..) in my device ioctl handling. It is block l/O layer
> which intercepts the
> statistics and does the job.
> But for my device (not sda or hda), blktrace only show the Q events.
> It is not showing even C (completed) events. Do I need to add the
> support in my device ioctl handling code?
These trace pointers are only recorded if they are met.
So I guess the reason is that your device implements your own
make_request_fn(So you can see 'Q' event) and no other trace point is
met at all.

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