Re: [patch] block: fix blktrace timestamps

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* Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> because a perfectly working system is:
>  "a user's .config that worked before should work with the new kernel
>   too"
> not:
>  "a user's .config that worked before should work now too, with random
>   new kernel features enabled as well."
> the latter appears to be the rule you are applying, but it's not the 
> regression rule we are using.

Jens, just to bring your definition of regressions to its logical 
conclusion: does this mean that if there is any longstanding bug in the 
block layer that you know about, but i didnt ever utilize that bit of 
the block layer it in my .config, and if i enable it now in the .config 
and i experience that bug, does it suddenly count as a regression? Do 
you realize that your definition for "regressions" turns _almost every_ 
current bug in the kernel into a regression?

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