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I'd like to use my bluetooth headset in linux; I have successfully
paired and used it with my cell phone and an android tablet. But I
can't get mplayer in linux to output its sound there.

I have tried the test-audio script (in bluez-49.8/test) to
successfully establish a connection to the headset, but when I try
with mplayer, I get

# mplayer -ao alsa:device=btheadset file.mp3
bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)
[AO_ALSA] Playback open error: Connection refused
Failed to initialize audio driver 'alsa:device=btheadset'
Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.
Audio: no sound
Video: no video

Exiting... (End of file)

so there seems to be a connection problem (I have configured the
"btheadset" pcm in my .asoundrc:

pcm.btheadset {
type bluetooth
device "00:18:91:D0:7A:24"
profile "auto"
ctl.btheadset {
type bluetooth

When I tried simple-agent to register the PIN of the set, I get

# ./simple-agent hci0 $HEAR01
Creating device failed: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists: Already Exists

so the PIN must already be registered.

What must I do next? This is under Slackware linux, so I can't use
gnome or KDE tools; I have successfully used the set in Ubuntu by the


F. Delente
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