Current status on BLE development

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It is common to see questions in the ML or in the IRC asking the
status of BLE development and where the get the source code.
Below a short summary of our latest development on Bluetooth Low Energy:

* Discovery procedure over management interface (kernel): patches sent
to the mailing list, waiting maintainer approval

* SM(Security Manager): kernel & userspace
- Just Works key generation method is working and accepted upstream;
- Key Exchange and Storage: a first version of the implementation is
implemented and working, but before being accepted upstream it needs
some changes;
- Passkey Entry: Still not implemented;
- Out of Band: Still not implemented;
- Address Resolution: Planned but still not implemented;
- Command Signing: Still not implemented;

* LE connection improvements: under development

Proximity Monitor
* Userspace
- New D-Bus API(improvement) was proposed and implemented, patches not

* Kernel
- New RSSI Threshold Monitoring implemented. Required by Proximity
Path Loss. Under internal revision and will be sent to mailing list
after it.

git trees
* For stable LE support on kernel, use Gustavo Padovan's
bluetooth-next tree:
(it doesn't contain the patches for interleaved discovery using
management. Missing SM key distribution(SM phase 3).

* Unstable kernel with Interleaved Discovery, RSSI Threshold monitor,
remaining SM patches, changes in connection parameters based on
Proximity and Thermometer requirements: (branch

* BlueZ Userspace
[3] git:// proximity-devel

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