Re: bluetooth disabled with current 2.6.38-rc4

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On Feb 15, 2011, at 5:52 AM, Johan Hedberg wrote:

Hi Justin,

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011, Justin Mattock wrote:
maybe I missed something, but my bluetooth is just not functioning with
2.6.38-rc4(works with 2.6.37-rc4)

I've done a bisect on this, but was pointed to:
but doesn't look correct to me

here is what I am seeing with the bluetooth-applet etc..:

working correctly:

not working:

my /var/log/daemon.log shows:

Feb 13 17:12:22 Linux-2 acpid: 1 client rule loaded
Feb 13 17:12:23 Linux-2 bluetoothd[1950]: HCI dev 0 registered
Feb 13 17:12:23 Linux-2 bluetoothd[1950]: Listening for HCI events
on hci0
Feb 13 17:12:23 Linux-2 bluetoothd[1950]: HCI dev 0 up
Feb 13 17:12:23 Linux-2 bluetoothd[1950]: Unable to find matching

I can try at another bisect, but might take some time.. let me know
if there is something I can test
or do.

Are you sure this is a kernel problem? There was a similar issue with
BlueZ 4.86 or 4.87 which was already fixed. Could you try with 4.88?


o.k. I built 4.88 and still had the issue show up, except this time no icon(instead of the icon, that is not lit up)..

anyways I did do another bisect and had better results(hopefully)this time..:

23bb57633df97ede067ea26f3cdc8a7ba2cd8109 is the first bad commit
commit 23bb57633df97ede067ea26f3cdc8a7ba2cd8109
Author: Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue Dec 21 23:01:27 2010 +0200

   Bluetooth: Fix __hci_request synchronization for hci_open_dev

The initialization function used by hci_open_dev (hci_init_req) sends
   many different HCI commands. The __hci_request function should only
return when all of these commands have completed (or a timeout occurs).
   Several of these commands cause hci_req_complete to be called which
   causes __hci_request to return prematurely.

This patch fixes the issue by adding a new hdev->req_last_cmd variable which is set during the initialization procedure. The hci_req_complete function will no longer mark the request as complete until the command
   matching hdev->req_last_cmd completes.

   Signed-off-by: Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg@xxxxxxxxx>
   Acked-by: Marcel Holtmann <marcel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
   Signed-off-by: Gustavo F. Padovan <padovan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:040000 040000 e8d8ae5fab74b2ba73d0c52e7e09b30e5df8484e 8d1409e8dc2206492cb86e8848c8c23aff182e2a M include :040000 040000 07fdb5f6ceadcfde12c46a3b5c82937b7dac892c 8f3b08fbbc9fcd078d0f5224b8bc818eeb072dc4 M net

git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [c56eb8fb6dccb83d9fe62fd4dc00c834de9bc470] Linux 2.6.38-rc1
git bisect bad c56eb8fb6dccb83d9fe62fd4dc00c834de9bc470
# good: [d9a1abe4844e7591cd82e167a1a09e6546f6c45e] arch/mn10300/kernel/ irq.c: fix build
git bisect good d9a1abe4844e7591cd82e167a1a09e6546f6c45e
# bad: [76d9cc454a8d0bb7484616a4b8136280068c8a8b] spi: tegra: don't treat NULL clk as an error
git bisect bad 76d9cc454a8d0bb7484616a4b8136280068c8a8b
# bad: [f70f5b9dc74ca7d0a64c4ead3fb28da09dc1b234] Merge git://
git bisect bad f70f5b9dc74ca7d0a64c4ead3fb28da09dc1b234
# good: [1d212aa96e1b63459486f729af9a3fa38768b801] Merge branch 'master' of git:// wireless-next-2.6 into for-davem
git bisect good 1d212aa96e1b63459486f729af9a3fa38768b801
# bad: [4e3dbdb1392a83bd21a6ff8f6bc785495058d37c] cassini: Use local- mac-address prom property for Cassini MAC address
git bisect bad 4e3dbdb1392a83bd21a6ff8f6bc785495058d37c
# good: [65a6538a56d4c7ae8465f2a8420ddc65877b6779] mac80211: check for CONFIG_MAC80211_LEDS in the tpt_led_trigger declaration
git bisect good 65a6538a56d4c7ae8465f2a8420ddc65877b6779
# good: [dbbe68bb12b34f3e450da7a73c20e6fa1f85d63a] Merge branch 'master' of
git bisect good dbbe68bb12b34f3e450da7a73c20e6fa1f85d63a
# bad: [c9e57f0fdccf74ef7884fed61d212e524b9c4bcd] carl9170: add missing return-value check
git bisect bad c9e57f0fdccf74ef7884fed61d212e524b9c4bcd
# good: [a3463a1fdc9aa0881760e54efbd62742275601a5] rndis_wlan: remove unused variable from priv structure
git bisect good a3463a1fdc9aa0881760e54efbd62742275601a5
# bad: [17f9cc3124c97f50a19a7597e5f29f915b5b835c] Bluetooth: Improve handling of HCI control channel in bind
git bisect bad 17f9cc3124c97f50a19a7597e5f29f915b5b835c
# good: [e41d8b4e131a41f2a3b74aaa783b16aa46376d8e] Bluetooth: Add error handling for managment command handlers
git bisect good e41d8b4e131a41f2a3b74aaa783b16aa46376d8e
# good: [f7b64e69c7c75c8e9f2d5e23edec8de1ce883bcc] Bluetooth: Add read_info management command
git bisect good f7b64e69c7c75c8e9f2d5e23edec8de1ce883bcc
# bad: [23bb57633df97ede067ea26f3cdc8a7ba2cd8109] Bluetooth: Fix __hci_request synchronization for hci_open_dev
git bisect bad 23bb57633df97ede067ea26f3cdc8a7ba2cd8109
# good: [c71e97bfaadfa727669fcfcf12301744fd169091] Bluetooth: Add management events for controller addition & removal
git bisect good c71e97bfaadfa727669fcfcf12301744fd169091

reverting that commit gets the icon to show up, as well as the mouse to connect.. (hardware is a MacBookPro2,2 and the mouse is a mightmouse) let me know if there is anything I can supply

Justin P. Mattock

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